Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chill Gelato, Mt Martha by Bilby Blue

On an unseasonally warm and sunny Sunday in August, we had motored down to Mt Martha. Obviously a day at the beach requires a gelato hit before returning home, so we considered travelling back via Mornington’s Tutti Frutti. Then we spotted Chill Gelato…

Chill Gelato is in a rather unprepossessing small shop in Mt Martha village. Later investigation discovered that it also has an extremely light digital footprint. There were a couple of tables inside and the tables outside in the sunshine were rather pleasant on such a superb day. Chill is obviously popular, even on a winter Sunday afternoon – while we sat outside eating our gelato there was a constant stream of people ordering frozen treats.

ice cream; blood orange;  chocolate; coconut;  chill; gelato
The triple scoop - chocolate, blood orange and coconut

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shimbu, Brunswick East (by invitation) by Obelix

Tibetan food is a new thing for me.  I've pretty much tried all the cuisines from the neighbouring countries:  Nepalese, Indian, Burmese to name a few, so it was with much eagerness we descended on Shimbu, a restaurant and bar owned by Tenzin and his family.  Shimbu in Tibetan means delicious as well as highly pleasing to the senses.  It is an apt name for this family run restaurant.  Much love and care has been poured into it's establishment.  Tenzin and his father man the kitchen whilst his mum and daughter take care of the front of house with warm Tibetan hospitality.

Food-wise, Shimbu does traditional Tibetan fare as well as modern takes on the traditional such as pork belly tacos (yum!) but I'm here to experience traditional Tibetan fare so I've earmarked the modern interpretations for my next visit (forward planning is my forte!).

tibetan food;  shimbu;  brunswick east
Good ole traditional Tibetan fare...

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Burger Project, Melbourne CBD by Benny

Having recently indulged in a few really good burgers (from Burger Block, Three One 2 One and billies) my interest was instantly piqued when I read that no less a luminary than Neil Perry (of Rockpool fame) had opened a burger bar in Melbourne. Folklore has it that Burger Project is a spinoff based on the popularity of the Rockpool wagyu burger, but while Rockpool may be able to charge $22 for a burger, a burger bar cannot – even if it’s located in the rather stylish environs of The Aviary, a self-styled ‘collection of restaurants offering a unique Melbourne dining experience’ on the top floor of Melbourne’s latest upmarket retail destination, St. Collins Lane.

The Burger Project - The Aussie burger
The Aussie

Thursday, August 25, 2016

East, Mt Martha by Bilby Blue

It had all started so well. On a gorgeous sunny winter’s day three of us – Benny, Broadhands and I – had motored down to the Mornington Peninsula in search of a special lunch. Beautiful location with bay views, tick. A table available in a stylish contemporary setting, tick. An innovative menu that celebrated fresh local produce, tick.

So we had very high hopes for East. But then, one by one, the wheels started falling off.

Yes, we totally get that an extraordinary level of creativity and skill is needed to produce high calibre dishes. And that delivering the dining experience is incredibly hard work. But there are other aspects that are essential for the diners’ enjoyment and in this respect East just kept missing the mark.

sweet potato;  small plates;  east;  mt martha
Sweet potato

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Melba, Southbank by Bureaucrat

If you want to impress your date/in-laws/partner, then treat them to a seafood buffet dinner at Melba - the in-house restaurant at Langham Hotel in Southbank.  Over the years, I've been to Melba for their gorgeous buffet, but it had been over five years since my last visit. There's seafood on offer on most nights but on Tuesday nights, there's the king of seafood available: lobster!

Melba, Langham Hotel, lobster
All-you-can-eat grilled lobster with garlic and cream sauce

To ensure that the lobster is cooked to perfection (and to also minimise wastage), the lobster (along with certain 'premium' dishes, such as the Peking duck) are served to you by the staff - that is, you're not going to get away with loading up your plate with a mound of lobster.  Having said that, they are generous - with each serve, you're guaranteed two big juicy, meaty pieces of lobster.  Further, you're more than welcome to go back for seconds, thirds and fourths, if you so wish.  I had one serve of lobster (see above pic), which was absolutely lovely.  Fresh, sweet, meaty lobster.  I loved the car-grilled flavour and the delicate sauce.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Celadon, Kuala Lumpur by Bilby Blue

Thai food is very popular in Malaysia and I have found that it is often every bit as good as you would expect in Thailand. On a recent trip to KL I checked out Celadon, on the top floor of the Pavilion shopping mall in the Bukit Bintang district.

Dining opportunities are everywhere in KL, ranging from amazing street food right through to fine dining in posh hotels. However for a solo female traveller KL shopping malls are very attractive – the food is generally of a good standard and transport is readily available. Not to mention all the shops…

Celadon, Kuala Lumpur - pad thai goong
Pad thai goong