Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nuts Chan, Mt Waverley by Bureaucrat

Despite a very curious name, Nuts Chan is fairly nondescript Japanese restaurant ensconced in the Mt Waverley shopping village. A post-lunch Google search told me that Nuts-Chan is actually the name of the owner's name. The restaurant is modest and a bit run down but has a very homey feel to the place.  We enjoyed our meal there and we rather regretted that we hadn't dined here sooner as we found out that come next month, Nuts Chan is moving to Camberwell (and will be known as Iroiro).  So while you have the chance, check out Nuts Chan or alternatively you can wait until 4 September when it takes up business in 371 Camberwell Road, Camberwell.

Nuts Chan, Mt Waverley, sashimi, sushi
The Lawyer and I shared two entrees.  First up, an entree of sashimi and sushi.  I'm not the biggest raw seafood fan but even I liked this.  The Lawyer loved the fresh seafood and wolfed this up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Boosa, Bentleigh East by Rockstar

I've been seeing Boosa pics showing up all over my Instagram feed. It looked like perfect Insta food-pretty and funky with some smoke and mirrors, and a middle Eastern twist.

I was catching up with an old work friend who is now retired. We like to try a new local-ish place each time. She suggested Boosa and I was pleased to accept! Of course it was a cold wet grey miserable Melbourne day; luckily there were car parks available on Centre Road.

Boosa, Bentleigh East, kids' bacon and egg bun
Kids' bacon and egg bun smiley face

It's a lovely lovely space - quite intimate and warm. Lots of light, and greenery and copper and blush. I'd be very happy if my lounge looked anything like that! We were lucky enough to be seated just near the heavenly heating!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

CH James, Fairfield by Foghorn Leghorn

Recently I joined a group of food bloggers for brunch at CH James in Fairfield. It’s an airy space with plenty of natural light, and a buzz of activity. When we arrived, the music was blasting at a volume that made conversation impossible, but that was rectified quickly. We slowly settled in to a big table and discussed what we should all order.

CH James, Fairfield, corn and haloumi fritters
Corn and haloumi fritters

The menu has an interesting assortment of both sweet and savoury dishes, so there was quite a bit of discussion. The offering includes all sorts of unusual combinations (like pea panna cotta), but I was in the mood for something simple, so I ordered a brekky burger.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Bean Thief, East Kew by Rockstar

East Kew has changed a lot since I was a kid; there now seems to be a cafe on every street.

The Bean Thief is a busy happy place! A little local oasis.

The Bean Thief, East Kew, ricotta cinnamon doughnuts
I used to love a sweet breakfast, but nowadays I rarely indulge as I usually find after a few bites I'm over it and need something more refreshing, less cloying. However I couldn't resist ordering the ricotta and cinnamon doughnuts, with vanilla custard, salted caramel, chocolate sauce and pistachio soil. Sometimes I make really good solid decisions. This was one of those times!!! While I'm not a ricotta fan the doughnuts were light and fluffy and a perfect vehicle for the decadent chocolate sauce and salted caramel. The pistachio soil added a nice textural crunch contrast. I will not publicly admit to using my finger to try and scoop out every drop of the chocolate sauce. I did offer the Butterfly one... but I only had one left and I think she could see I wanted her to say no!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cru, Kew by Rockstar

A friend was visiting from NZ and we needed somewhere with good food, where we could comfortably chat and chat, somewhere central and where we could book. Cru went above and beyond that; without showing any frustration that a few members of the party arrived at different times. Including 2 hours after the booking!

Crispy polenta and that heavenly mushroomy truffly scent....

Cru is nicely designed - there's an outdoor area out the back, however given the Melbourne weather I was pleased to be inside on the comfy bench seat. It's got a lovely European classic feel with cream walls, dark wooden chairs and stools, and cheerful tiles and glass.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Butler's Pantry, Rowville by Bureaucrat

Rowville is a bit of a 'meh' suburb for me.  There is nothing there that appeals to me and for the people that I know that live out there, it seems to be a world away.  However, The Butler's Pantry is located out there.  There's a dining offer for it in the Entertainment Book (which we're encouraging our dear readers to purchase a 2017-18 membership in order to fundraise for on behalf of Second Bite) and I've been seeing lots of pretty photos of The Butler's Pantry's Instagram account.  With those two reasons, we set off towards Rowville in search for good grub.

The Butler's Pantry, Rowville