Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Friends of the Earth Melbourne Food Co-op and Cafe, Collingwood by Obelix

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Melbourne is a non for profit organisation working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future.  What's there not to love with that?

Kiddo and I were in Fitzroy to experience the Mystery Rooms and we stopped by FoE cafe for a bite.  The co-op is situated on Smith St with plenty of tables to dine in and an eco store and book store within for you to poke around afterwards.  The food is seasonal and vegetarian / vegan.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne Food Co-op and Cafe, Collingwood, tofu burger
I ordered a tofu burger for myself.  Tofu burgers do not as a rule inspire me as the ones I have had before were rather bland.  But this one was different.  It came with fermented kraut, a dill mayo and rocket leaves on a sourdough roll.  Very substantial and full of flavour.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dumpling King, Box Hill by Obelix

My friend G recently took her family to Dumpling King for Father's Day.  She reported it was "all round good dumplings"  so with such a commendation, I had to check it out.

 Dumpling King, Box Hill, Shandong chicken
The vampire-slaying Shandong chicken

Being a hectic mid week night which rendered me pooped in my pjs, I sent P out for takeaway.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Smoothie Bombs

With the arrival of Boy Chick into our lives over a year ago, the Lawyer and I are like any new parents - we're tired, really tired, hungry and tired (did I say 'tired'?).  As once devout foodies who had all the time in the world to leisurely drive over an hour to try out a new restaurant and linger over our meal, we oftentimes now eat hurriedly and seldom have the chance to eat a full meal.

So when Smoothie Bombs asked us if we would like to try out their product that's targeted to "busy mums, fussy eaters and people who eat on the run" I said, "yes, please!".  Created by Cinzia Cozzolino, a Melbourne mum and nutritionist, Smoothie Bombs pack a punch of whole-food goodness in a small tight "bomb".  There are five flavours and each "bomb" is pre-portioned and to it you simply add a piece of fruit and a cup of liquid and blend to get your smoothie.

Smoothie Bombs, crumble the bomb
One of the lessons I learnt as a new mum is that once your baby starts learning to eat solids, they want to eat the food that's on your plate!  I'm giving Smoothie Bombs a big tick because there's no hidden nasties (the bombs are vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, dairy free, refined sugar free, certified organic and preservative-free).  I'm not worried if Boy Chick decides to steal a sip from my glass or chug half the smoothie down.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Butcher's Bench, Glen Waverley by Obelix

A little while ago, I was treated to group lunch at Butcher's Bench in Novotel Glen Waverley. As expected, it was a meat-centric menu but there was a good range of barn yard creatures to select from.

Butcher's Bench, Glen Waverley, gnocchi
We pre-ordered as time was tight.  I experienced my first plate of gnocchi I actually enjoyed.  I'm accustomed to firm and tasteless clods so was delighted when my entree of house made gnocchi were in fact tender light clouds of tato.  It was served with ox tail ragu.  Very rich and I know it's somewhat an odd word, but nourishing, was my take on this dish.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kentro, Oakleigh by Bureaucrat

Having lunch at Kentro was not our first choice, or indeed our second or third choice.  But with a full house happening in a Aroma Grill House (our first pick) and also at Meat Me Souvlakeri, we looked at a neighbouring Greek restaurant that looked good (but they were only able to offer us a tiny table that was squished between more tables - an unappealing choice since we needed space for a high chair and there wasn't even enough space for us to wheel our pram through to get to the table) before settling on Kentro.  Kentro is big and bustling - as is most of the eateries in Eaton Mall - but unlike its competitors it still had a few tables free.

Kentro, Oakleigh, grilled calamari
Grilled calamari

First impressions of the place was that there was chaos.  The staff look frazzled, harried and didn't seem to take note that there were about 10 people standing at the door all waiting for a table.  Instead of waiting to be served, I walked up to the counter and asked if they had a table for two plus room for a high chair and pram.  The woman said yes to the table but advised they don't have high chairs.  This was an odd statement to make because surely a family restaurant of this size would have high chairs and I could spot two vacate high chairs in the room.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar, Melbourne CBD by Rockstar

When I'm good I'm very very good at taking  my lunch to work. When I'm not sometimes I struggle to decide what to have. To decide what will satisfy me, get me through the work day and make me happy- not asking much!

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar, Melbourne, meatball hoagie, fries
Often I meet Ms Goodheart for lunch and it's a good day when we go halves on a Mason Dixon meatball hoagie! It's a long roll filled with a warming tomatoey, onion and capsicum ragu with meatballs, moazzarella and Parmesan. I get them to hold the olives… I'm one of those people, the ones that don't tolerate olives. I imagine the olives would add an additional hit of salty flavour. It's a substantial sandwich so perfect shared- that way I can also force the pickle and pretzel onto Ms Goodheart without feeling guilty about waste! Sometime we add in the crunchy salty fries…